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Be creative and Fit this Summer

Be creative and Fit this Summer

Holistic Development

Holistic Development


Holistic Development, Holistic Development

2-5 yrs

Fun time of fitness and creativity !

2-5 yrs


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14 Jun - 27 Jun | 17 Jun - 30 Jun



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Program Details

14 classes


Enroll in the Yellow Class Summer Camp and boost your creative and spiritual growth with the YC “Be Creative and Fit this Summer” Program. Learn dance, drawing, craft and perform yoga and zumba with us to expand your creative potential while getting fit and fab!

Learning Objectives

Draw peppa pig and other famous character

Learn dance and drama

Learn the basics of Yoga and Zumba

Draw birds and vehicles

Improve General Knowledge

Skills Covered

DisciplineCreative IntelligencePhysical IntelligencePatienceFinger dexterity


Learn from a diverse and highly skilled set of teachers this summer. Bringing in the best of their domain and experience for your child to enjoy and learn to the fullest

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the kids receive any certification for this program?

Yes, your child will receive a certificate, 30 days after the completion of the program.

Q: Is the mentor qualified to teach these classes?

Yes, our mentors are qualified professionals who have expertise in their respective fields. 

Q: How will you get small children to pay attention to the class?

All these sessions have been specifically designed for young children. With the involvement of colourful themes and cartoons, the children are able to learn while having fun.

Q: What is the purpose of this program?

This program is especially catered for the children to indulge in during their summer vacations. All the session of this program include a variety of activities from dancing, to creating innovative crafts, so that the kids can be involved in various activities that help them in their holistic developments while having fun.

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